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What's This?

Recently we added how to tutorials on Nokia Lumia smartphone most probably Windows phone OS like WP8, WP7.5, WP7 and so on (Nokia 620, 610,625, Lumia 720, 820, 920, Nokia Lumia 520, 510). This article is for Nokia Lumia 520 (one of most selling windows phone in the world) users who recently bought this amazing windows phone 8 OS smartphone for lowest price. We are starting with Capture Screenshot on Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone using hardware key without installing any software.


How to take screen shot Print screen on Windows phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 520):

There is no need to download any apps or software from windowsphone.com to print your screen activities as HD JPEG, PNG image file.

The simple steps to Capture Screenshot on Nokia Lumia 520- Press the Power key (side button) and then press Start Key (Windows Logo button) at the same time.

The below image tells story for Windows phone 8 capture Screen solution

Nokia lumia 520 screen shot

The screen captured images are stored in the root folder of windows phone Photos -> albums -> Screenshots and can easily share and upload photos.

The above screenshot solution may work for all windows phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 620, Lumia 720, 820, 920, Nokia lumia 625, 1020). Stay bookmark us for more tips (internet setings, Wi-Fi hotsopot sharing, best Apps, best Games) for Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone.


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