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Acer’s new Aspire series ultrabooks introduced Aspire S7 with 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch thinnest Full HD touchscreen operates with Microsoft new operating system Windows 8. After Aspire’s ultrabook series S3 and S5 now extends its version into Aspire S7 with improved features.
Acer Aspire S7 Windows 8 based slim Ultrabooks price review

The design comes with sleek aluminium metallic cover with 12 mm slim and has a new 180 degree folded type touchscreen to operate from the bottom of the table with finger tips.

Aspire 180 degree screen folded review

This Sleek aluminium metallic design Ultrabooks are designed with Acer Twin Air cooling system for best thermal comfort when using two edge legs as a laptop stand, also a cool backlight light-sensing keyboard that adjusts its backlight to ease typing in the night mode even in low light or no power.

Aspire S7 battery life features

Acer official listed only screen size, windows Operating System and smooth design for S7 images and other specs like Processor, USB ports, speed of RAM, internal HDD memory, MicroSD card slot, battery type to be release soon. But the updates from most of laptop processor Acer aspire S7 expected to come with both i5 and i7 configurations latest 3rd Generation Intel Core (Ivy Bridge) and Intel Ivy ULV processors.

Battery Life of Acer Aspire S7:

The 11 inch screen type ultrabook handles upto 9 working hours of batter life while 13 inch ultrabook has up to 12 hours of working life. The battery life looks better books for long journey to carry.

Check out difference between Acer Aspire S3 Vs Aspire S5

Price and availability of acer Aspire S7:

From the above features the best ever touchscreen ultrabook series from Acer to ship ie the release date for this windows 8 powered thin ultrabook from this year end and the expected price also to high among other ultrabooks available in market.

The below Hands on Video for Acer Aspire S7 13-inch version looks amazing laptop gadget waiting to hit market.

Video source: Engadget Youtube channel.

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