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Manual 3G Dongles Datacard internet APN settings for Tablet PC

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Previously we covered about how to connect supported 3G Dongles in any kind of tablets (Android based- BSNL Penta, HCL Me, Karbonn Smart tab, Micromax funbook, Swipe tab, Zync tab, Samsung galaxy tab and others) by using OTG cable. Most of multiSIM or locked or unlocked 3G Dongle and Data cards are capable to use as Plug and Play.

Screenshot- BSNL WS702C 3G dongle settings-20121129111727

What is Plug &play?

In simple word, Most of the PC or Laptop running in Windows Xp, Windows Vista, 7 or Windows 8 is supported plug and play type of 3G Dongles (the driver and dialer software installing after plugin 3G Dongle or Data card via USB port).

How to edit 3G Dongles or Data card internet APN (Access Point Names) settings on tablet

If your dongle supports plug and play with tablet then check out whether datacard connected to tablet properly (Blinking green or Red light signal in internet device) and 3G Dongle enabled on tablet setting.

For manual setting (Android 4.0 ICS interface) Go to Menu setting->more->mobile network->APN Name and then type for following network.

Full Demo How to connect 3G Dongles on BSNL Penta Tablet PC using OTG Cable or USB

Reliance 3G (ZTE MF 190) and Reliance Netconnect + (HUAWEI EC 159):

APN Name: Reliance | APN: # 777 |Username: net |Password: net | Mcc : 404 |MNC : xx

Tata Photon plus- CDMA- (HUAWEI EC156): select APN network Name as Tata

MTS MBLAZE”CDMA” (ZTE AC2746) - Name: MTS | APN : # 777 |Username :  |Password : MTS | Mcc : 404 |MNC : xx

Airtel 3G (HUAWEI 1731C) and Airtel 3G (HUAWEI 1731B)- APN Name: Airtel Internet | APN : | Mcc : 404 |MNC : xx

Idea (HUAWEI E1732) – updated soon

BSNL 3G APN setting for Multi-SIM Data card:
Go to Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks-> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names -> New APN and enter the following details there.

2G- GPRS/Internet Settings: Name : BSNL GPRS | APN : bsnlnet | MCC : 404 MNC : xx

Note: MNC codes are differ for state to state and note down below.
MNC Codes for Various Stats:
34 : Haryana
38 : Assam
51 : Himachal Pradesh
53 : Punjab
54 : Uttar Pradesh (West)
55 : Uttar Pradesh (East)
71 : Karnataka (Bangalore)
57 : Gujarat
58 : Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh
59 : Rajasthan
62 : Jammu & Kashmir
64 : Chennai
66 : Maharashtra & Goa
72 : Kerala
73 : Andhra Pradesh
74 : West Bengal
76 : Orissa
80 : Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
81 : Kolkata

Any one tried other network 3G internet connections setting do share at our comment box and we will update soon.

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  1. subh chanda says:


  2. setting of tablet says:

    How to connect Reliance 3G (ZTE MF 190) to china 7",2.2 android tablet PL. send setting of tablet .

  3. vicky says:

    i am using idea 3g dongle which i flashed and now using tata docomo 3g sim plz send me the apn settings and dial up no

  4. paras says:


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  6. raaginy says:

    Please provide me the information for
    MTS 2g USB datacard internet APN and other process of settings

  7. tilakraj says:

    plz….. Please provide me the information for MTS 2g USB datacard internet APN and other process of settings

  8. rahul says:

    please give settings for Airtel SIm to be used in an unlocked vodafone dongle

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  10. Aswin lal says:

    Can you say how to connect ZTE ac2737 reliance netconnect + usb moden in my HCL me u1 tab………
    plz…… help me

  11. Thangaraju says:

    To Aswin lal, If your tablet supports 3G dongle then the driver installation and connection settings are installed automatically by dongle and tablet.

  12. Aswin lal says:

    But its not working………..
    any other ways

  13. Dhaval thakkar says:

    can you tell me for Tata Docomo Photon(GSM)(ZTE)MZ631?

  14. prasad says:

    BSNL 3g UNABLE TO CONNECT EVEN AFTER PUTTING DATA AS PER DIRECTION. All data like MCC no and MN no also updated..but no progress. PL help

  15. RAJENDRA says:

    how to conect airtel 3g dongle in videocon tablet vt71.

  16. shiv says:

    Can you tell me which unlock datacard support to micromax p275 tablet

  17. pankaj says:

    thanks it works

  18. mgravi says:

    how do i configure samsung tablet p2 5100 and bsnl 3g sim?

  19. Hari says:

    Micromax tablet funbook. For reliance broadband the enable apn is not highlightened

  20. Rahul K. says:

    Do all windows 8 tablets support Plug and play of 3g dongles?

  21. pravash kumar mohanty says:

    how to connect 3g dongle with 7" vt 71 videocon tablet…waiting for your valuable support…

  22. Thangaraju Sengoden says:

    Hi Pravash, to connect 3G dongle to any tablet follow this article

  23. manju says:

    Super thanks sir.. i was having so much trouble in connecting bsnl thru huawei e173, thanks once again.

  24. nagendra says:

    please provide the information how to connect internet to laptop through intex dongle with idea 3G sim (please send the settings)

  25. Ashok Shukla says:

    Hi Dear, Can you please tell me which 3G dongle supports to ZYNC 7.0 dual tablet…

  26. Durga says:

    Which 3g dongles does zync dual 7.0 tablet support?
    Even their own site did n't mentioned it?
    Kindly mail me sir.

  27. mukherjee says:

    how can i use aMTS mblaze dongel in HCL ME tab????

  28. Bala7malai says:

    I have d-link dongle card and swipe hallo value tablet. Can you tell me how to congure these 2 devices???

  29. S saxena says:

    I have a karbonn st3 . Pl tell how to connect mblaze 3g dongle as lt says no internet connection all t time. Pl help sir.

  30. Naveen Verma says:

    can u plz help me to use reliance netconnect+ dongle on my samsung note 2.

  31. S SAXENA says:

    Res sir i have a karbonn SMART TAB 3 with GELLYBEAN OS. AND HAVE A MTS 3G CDMA DONGLE (MTS EVDO ZTE AC2787), when i connect the dongle the tab shows the signals but it also shows no internet connection , as per your above instructions when i go to APN setting it also asks for many other fields too which are not specified by you. like – Proxy , Port, Server, MMSC, MMS Proxy, MNC, Authentication type, APN Type, APN Protocol, Bearer,
    plese helm me and suggest me how to do setting for the above dongle , thanks a lot .

  32. lakshminarayana says:

    helo sir. i have micromax 275 funbook. reliance broadband data card was not open with 3g dongle cable. In funbook AP enable/disable is not highletened. as per above instructions when i go to APN settings it also asks for many other fields too which are not specified by you. like- proxy, port, server,MMSC, MMS proxy, Authentication type,APN protocol, Bearer. Please helm me and suggest me how to do settings for the above dongle. thank u

  33. Thangaraju Sengoden says:

    Hi lakshminarayana, Connect with OTG cable and if your MM funbook supports 3G Dongle then you may get notification like" 3G Active".

  34. manish says:

    Help me to connect intex 3.5 g dongle with bsnl penta tab702

  35. Thangaraju Sengoden says:

    Hi Manish, Is your data card supports with ur Tablet when Connect using OTG cable..

  36. vidhya says:

    Hello Thangaraju,

    I bought a Huawei 3G E173 data card that supports any network provider.
    I have a vodofone sim with 3G plan enabled. When I use this in the 3G data card, I get full Vodafone signal but when I connect to internet, It says network terminated and asks to redial. I am using window xp or Windows 7 OS. Also, the modem blinks green light. Can u plz tell how to get network connectivity.

  37. geetha says:

    please provide the information how to connect internet to windows xp through airceldatacard with vodafone 3G sim (please send the settings)

  38. Thangaraju Sengoden says:

    Hi Geetha, For this you have to Unlock your aircel datacard similar to multiSIM data card.

  39. boomija says:

    I would like to know the dongles that support my Karbonn Smart 2 tab. I have an Airtel 3G sim , will it work on my smart tab.

  40. pratik mitra says:

    is when the beetel turns green,the tabelt icon shows 3g network that is used to show when i was using reliance though no connexion i have set this time,i'm trying…though with bsnl

  41. Avinash Mishra says:

    please update the idea apn setting for p300 as soon as possible

  42. ramachantran says:

    micromax funbook tap p350 with reliance usb data modem model:Ac2738 access point names please.

  43. Patel says:

    idea ka 3g deta card chalega is tab mai

  44. megha singh says:

    How to connect MTS mblaze (Huawei EC 1561) to ubislate 7c+

  45. Ashish says:

    Hi, I've got CUBE Tab, I tried to connect MTS dongle, as stated in other post but under APN section, its NOT showing any Connection Configured, but when i search for networks, its showing registered,

    But i'm unable to use internet, kindly suggest.

    Thanks in Advance
    Ashish (Delhi)

  46. Varun says:

    Is it possible to use usb modem in android mobile phones? The way I see, there shouldn't be essentially any difference between a tablet & mobile phone running Android. Anyone tried that successfully?

  47. Naveen says:

    Can I use Micromax MMX353G modem with HCL Me U2 Tab ? If yes, what changes shall I do in settings?

  48. prabhu says:

    i newly purchased Velox 8 now i got some problem my tab is not supporting Reliance Zte Ac2737 and Zte Ac2738 i checked all website i didn’t get any good message but while using huawei data card it has no problem when i try to using relaince Zte Ac2737 my tab is not showing APN settings (It’s missing while i connect)
    hope i get solution from you

  49. Nilanjan says:

    Can I use Beetel mf 190 modem with rage optima Tab ? If yes, what changes shall I do in settings?

  50. Thangaraju Sengoden says:

    Hi Prabhu, Velox 8 officially not supported with Relaince Zte Ac2737 data card. If you find "3G Dongle active" in your tablet while connecting to data card then no need to change or type settings.

  51. Mmahfouz says:

    i have a ZTE MF180 and i want to use it with HCL ME U1 on mobinil network how can i set it up

  52. chirayu says:

    what to do if my dongle does not supports plug and play with tablet

  53. govind says:

    I have a Zync Tablet Z930 , and the list of dongle shows mf 190 supported .

    When I tried this USB MF190 with reliance sim i could not connect any net connection .

    Can any one tell me how to use MF190 with reliance sim in Zync z930 Android supporte tablet

  54. hemant says:

    I have lava z7H android ics system installed. my banl 3g data card zte mf180 is not working on tab can anybody help?

  55. prabhu says:

    tks for the reply there is no 3g dongle active
    it's shown "use only 2g networks" pls help me what can i do for that problem reply asap give me a good solution

  56. vinutha says:

    i hav hcl me U2 tab,n i'm using micromax dongle
    i hav difficulty in connecting net to it
    the dongle never turns green after conctn ,n so no mobile network option…..
    plz help ..
    waiting for reply.

  57. Rupak Roy says:

    why i am not getting aircel 3g network in micromax mmx353g?

  58. rahul says:



  59. shobha says:

    i have micromax funbook infinity p275 and i bought new mts blaze data card ac 2787 kindly help me how to connect my mts blaze ac 2787 to my micromax funbook please its very urgent is there any setting or it not support please let me know by sms if can 9831361399

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  61. Thangaraju Sengoden says:

    Hi Shobha, Lets check your datacard supports with your tablet (In notification area you may get 3G dongle active signal for successful 3G dongle connection).

  62. Manoj says:

    Sir i want to know that how can i connect idea 3g with hcl me u2 tab… Which dongle should be better for this.give me that model number. Please reply me soon… M waiting for your valueable feedback…

  63. rakhesh says:

    Hi saxena, I have the ST10 tab and bought reliance netconnect+ and got stuck at APN section, as there is no save button. after 15days waiting today I was able to connect to net. what i did is tried editing the default MTS apn provided and pressed back button and it got disappeared. No APN. after that I tried adding new APN, for reliance, but I started entering data from below, MCC 406 and MNC 89(defalut one), then apn #777 and last name=Reliance and pressed the back button(the curved arrow at left side) and voila, it showed apn reliance without any save message, and dongle got detected from just full signal bars to full signal bars with a 3G on top of it, and internet was working.. Please try this for your tab before going for any formatting or restoring. My tab is not tinkered nor rooted. Hope you will find this useful.

  64. rakhesh says:

    reliance accespoint "Name" can be anything. for easy recognition keep Reliance as name then use apn as #777. in goa MCC as 406 works and MNC can be xx ie any two digit number. I kept the default 89 in my tab. Please try this. also if you dont find a save button dont panic, back button works as a saving button if you have a empty APN list and trying to add a new APN.
    Hope this helps.

  65. shobha says:

    i have micromax funbook infinity tab p275 and i bought new mts blaze 3g dongle AC2787, i done apn setting but still i cant find any signal and as u say thangaraju ji i didnt get any notification of 3g dongel active please help me how to active 3g dongel its very urgent if i cant i lost my money please help me to connect it with my tab

  66. aditya raj says:

    How to connect a bsnl sim in reliance 3g dongle

  67. kamlesh says:

    Hello I have a micro max fun book pro and tata photon plus
    EC156 but I am not connecting this because APN is fully blank and
    I was create a new APN but I haven't success to save this APN so plz help me

  68. Prakash says:

    pls send Vodaphone APN setting for my HCL ME V1 tablet.i cann't connect my tablet with internet by vodaphone sim

  69. prabhurajan says:

    i have a bsnl penta ws802c dc 2g sim/ 3g dongle support

    but the sad thing is unable to use it as phone. apn setting getting detected . but it unable to recognize any mobile network ….. while searching it show some networks as 40441…40584…..many … like that ….not any names

    pls help me….. even i reinstalled the OS / Firmware … but nothing helped me …..pls advice

    thanks in advance…..

  70. k.suresh says:

    please share me, how to connect dongle in android tab thanking you.

  71. venkateshu says:

    how to conect zte mf691 to set apn reliance 2g

  72. dattaraj says:

    sir i want to know more about how to connect iball 3.5g dongle with bsnl 3g sim card to lava e-tab z7h .
    ple let me know more sir ….
    massage me sir on my email..

  73. Ritesh Jain says:

    I have Milagrow 7.16 Pro tablet – MGPT07, i am trying to connect it to the Tata Photon+ 3G Dongle. I've tried the above solution but nothing works. pls help me getting connectd with it.

  74. Thangaraju Sengoden says:

    Hi Ritesh and Dattaraj, If your Tablet supports 3G Dongle then you will get Dongle Active status at notification area and then tablet will ready to connect internet. The solution is that, 3G dongle not supported to tablet.

  75. A.maheshwar Rao says:

    Sir i want to connect tata photone cdma dongle to my hcl U1 tab. Kindly send proxy server name apn setting extra. Unable to open web page. Internet connection not showing but tower is there

  76. viral says:

    how to use bsnl evdo ac8700 in swipe 3d life tablet

  77. aakash says:

    hey buddy plz help me to step the setting of airtel internet in mtln dongal crack one plz repy

  78. micromax fun talk p350 says:

    dear sir plz. send me actual apn setting for mmx talk p350 with tata photon plus ec 156.

  79. Nilay says:

    How to connect MTS mblaze (Huawei EC 1561) to ubislate 7c+?

  80. ravi sharma says:

    i am using mtnl 3g dongle which mtnl 3g sim plz send me the apn settings and dial up no please help us

  81. Ronak Kataria says:

    I am using micromax funbook p300. i am unable to connect my Reliance netconnect+ (AC2738) Dongle to my tablet. Can u assist me what to do?

  82. R SREEDHARAN says:

    I am using MM P275 and MMX377G 3G USB Data Card. I am unable to connect Using airtel 3G sim inserted in the above MMX377G data card. I am not able to save the APN settings described by various authors such as APN Name ( being flushed out after entering all the required details gathered from various web sites. Please help me find a solution. The APN enable check box does not become active. What I am I to do to get the benefit of using the Data Card?

  83. pankaj verma says:

    Sir'the apn list is not showing at all after creating and saving new apn after connecting the beetel dongle. Plz help me sir,

  84. vishal says:

    hi iam using milagrow tabtop 7.16 pro plz tell me how to connect reliance netconnect ZTE AC 2737 and plz tell me what to do

  85. Nalin says:

    i want to connect unlocked mblaze to my micromax infinity tab with tata indicom/tata docomo cdma sim .. bt when i try to do that it still says no internet connection.. red light is blinking in mblaze bt its not connecting .. it is also showing tata and reliance apn setting bt still not connecting …plz help me i dnt wanna waste my rs1500 …. i tried all thing bt nothing is happening ..

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  87. seenivasanp says:

    Hi,please tell me the way to manual aircel 3g usb settting for my videocon vt75c tab

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  89. kalith says:

    how to use reliance netconnect hi speed 1x modum on hcl me v2 tablet

  90. how to unlock reliance net connect+ says:

    How to unlock reliance ec159…? So that i can use it according my ussage.

  91. Sridhar says:

    I purchased a Micromax MMX377G Data Card for use with mt HCL ME U1 Tablet. To my shock, I found that they were not compatible. Micromax also threw up their hands confirming the same.

    Is there any way I can make it work? Please guide and oblige.

  92. Thangaraju Sengoden says:

    Hi Sridhar, Micromax 3D data card not compatible with your tablet.. Better contact HCL customer care (either toll free or near by showroom)..

  93. Rakesh kumar says:

    dear sir how to configure Zte MF190 data card (Airtel. sim) on Milagrow tabtop7.4 (MGPT4) android ICS Tablet? pls help!

  94. […] This article helps to find APN (Access Point Name) Manual 3G Dongles Datacard internet APN settings for Tablet PC […]

  95. vipin kanojia says:

    which dongel support my tab and I am using airtel 3g unlock dongal when I use 2g connection it connect but when I use 3g sim tab blink and automatically off I am so upset how to use 3g in my tab now tell me plz………….zzzzzzzzzz

  96. idris says:

    i try to connect with airtel moden ti ask me proxy port number

  97. […] Check Aircel unlimited 3G Mobile+ Dongle tariff Plan details and manual APN settings for aircel 3G, Airtel 3G, BSNL 3G and all network follow this Manual 3G Dongles Datacard internet APN settings for Tablet PC […]

  98. Nigel stuward says:

    How to cunnect huawei e173 to lava etab extron plus?

  99. Harsh says:

    Please give me settings of micromax 3g dongle

  100. says:

    Hi friends,

    I have Micromax Canvas Tab P650. I have Tata Photon+ (Model- EC156). When I connect my data card to my tablet there is no light glowing.

    Is there any settings I have to do

    Can someone please help me to rectify this problem

  101. mukesh kamle says:

    i have hcl me y3 tab. also i have i-ball 3.5G connect wireless modem. please heip me how to connect it to my tab.

  102. Thangaraju Sengoden says:

    Connect using OTG cable..

  103. siva says:

    I have celkon ct2 how to connect datacard after apn settings no icon to save. how to save huawei E173

  104. ragav says:

    how to connect the beetel modem to micromax funbook it shows an damaged sd card can you help me

  105. rathod says:

    minilabtab sim seting par imparmesan

  106. sunil thakur says:

    I bought Swipe 3 D life + tablet.When I connect Micromax MMX353G dongle with idea 3G sim,it blinks red/green.but no signs seen on tablet. How to start internet thru this dongle?

  107. tejkumar says:

    i can't 3g speed not receive my idea sim withintex toggle

  108. john says:

    ihavea pentaws703c tab .and i have a mts mblaze net can i connect it to mu tab

  109. sameer says:

    I have swipe 3d life+ tablet in which i want to connect unlock dongle name vodafone model no.;- k3770-z so how can i connect it

  110. Arka says:

    I have bought one ZTE dongle model MF 190..
    Although I am able to use Vodafone & AIRTEL sim for connecting it with my laptop..
    The problem starts when I am going to use Bsnl 3g Sim..
    The settings for APN as below
    Profile name BSNL East
    APN -static- bsnlnet
    Authentication mode
    PAPDial number *99#

    User name password blank

    Please help

  111. santosh says:

    Hi, I have karbonn st10 tab earlier the dongle was working fine but now when checked the apn was missing.
    But when i'm trying to add the details the apn details are not getting added, even after pressing the curve button. I have tried 10 times but still it's not getting added. Can anybody help me on the same

  112. charish says:

    Not able to connect Micromax dongle, to chine made tablet.
    Can you suggest me how to connect

  113. dis tab... says:

    Hi i hav digiflip tab xt801 wd jellybean 4.3 n a multi dongle n was nt abl to connect internet wid dis dongle …evrytime i follow abve step it shws check connection parameter… pliz guide me hw to connect it

  114. dasharath says:

    How connect idea net setter to vt75c tablet

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