How to connect 3G Dongles on BSNL Penta Tablet PC using OTG Cable or USB

From recent survey, Tablet PC growth getting faster than mobile and laptop sales as many Tablet PC launched every week by top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Micromax, Karbonn, Swipe, BSNL Penta and more. Recently we published BSNL Penta T-Pad WS702C android 4.0.3 ICS tablet hands on review on homepage and we tried most of solutions regarding BSNL Tab connectivity using 3G Dongles, 2G SIM network and Wi-Fi.

connect 3G Dongles on BSNL Penta Tablet PC using OTG Cable or USB

Connect internet 3G Dongles on BSNL Penta Tablet PC using OTG Cable

Most of the tablet not supported Host USB ports to connect Dongles and Pen drives to access directly and here are the steps to connect via micro USB.

    • To connect USB devices need to buy an OTG cable (ON The GO) normally most of the tablet supports Mini USB 5 Pin 5PIN Male to USB Female Adapter OTG Cable available from online stores like, for price about just Rs.170+.
    • Connect OTG adapter via mini USB port on Tablet PC
    • Plug in your 3G Dongles at other end of OTG Cable and switch OFF and ON
    • Make sure the notifications like USB is mounted at the bottom of the bar

    • Go to settings -> More -> 3G Dongle -> click enable

  • Check network signal strength after USB 3G Dongle is connected and make sure signal is 100% or depends on your local area network strength

If failed to connect from above method try this alternative tip to connect 3G Dongles on BSNL Penta Tablet PC

Go to Main Menu or Home screen then select Settings ->Wireless & Networks -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Tab Access Point Names and enter your NEW 3G mobile networks APN and then save.

That’s it now your BSNL Penta Tablet PC ready to connect 3G mobile internet via supported USB 3G Dongles. If you have any quires and doubts raise your question here. We will find solutions.

Note: Hope the above settings are working on following BSNL Penta tablet PC too T-Pad WS802C 2G, T-Pad WS702C, T-Pad WS703C, T-Pad IS709C, T-Pad IS709C, T-Pad IS703C, T-Pad IS701C, T-Pad IS801C, T-Pad WS704C and other Android ICS tablets (MicroMax funbook, Karbonn Agnee, Smart Tab, Swipe All in one tab and others) user try this above tips and give us reply.

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  1. hi, i want to start internet in my penta t-pad ws802c- 2g. i have a bsnl sim card with 2g which was given with this tablet for free. i m not able to start internet connection using this sim card. please help me with full description of guidelines.

  2. Reply to Priya, Interest your SIM card to Tablet and switch OFF and ON your device that's it, your Penta WS802C-2G ready to access 2G internet.

    Note: Check your mobile data is ON by checking setting->Data.

  3. Is BSNL EVDO AC8700 800M supported by penta is709 t-pad ?plz..

  4. I have a D-link DW-156 universal unlocked 3g dongle.. but this is not recognised on my Penta Ws802C 2g calling tablet…
    I know its not one of the supported dongles for the tablet, but is there any way i can make this dongle work??? Pls help…


  6. Hi all,
    Am very much interested to buy BSNL PENTA WS802C tab. so please suggest me.howz working conditon and is it usefull or what?

  7. How we can save the apn ?!

  8. Hi Ismail, After entered your APN names and all details, just send back button, because settings saves automatically.

  9. Hi Thangaraju, I have Penta T Pad 709C and facing problem of saving as encountered by Ismail. I have even tried using central hard key [one of the three given hard keys]. After pressing the hard key option of save / discard is displayed and after saving we are again to ground zero. I mean either create new APN or restore to default.

    * I am using Reliance Netconnect+ on ZTE….

    Thanks in advance.

  10. i have bsnl penta c709 tablet.
    i have also bsnl modem 2g line connection in home.
    so i want know lan to usb cable i can use for this tablet? how????

  11. Thangaraju Sengoden

    Hi Palakaiwala, I think LAN connection not supports in tablets..

  12. hi
    i have bsnl ws802c…
    i have already created a new APN of tata photon plus
    but not able to draw up the other settings…
    when i enable the 3g dongle..
    "connecting" appears but no further results..
    please help regarding the same.
    thank you

  13. Thangaraju Sengoden

    Hi Eshika, If your Tata photon plus data card successfully connected to Penta Ws802C (see in notification bar as 3G Dongle Active) then no need to create new APN settings.

  14. I tried to connect the Bsnl 3g data card to bsnl penta tpad ws02c but after inserting the data card to the tab no option such as device software successfully installed is shown and neither the 3g network gets connected. can u please help me out regarding the settings?

  15. I am unable to full factory reset in bsnl penta is709c tab
    it is not showing any menu with android icon.
    it was locked by forgetting pattern.
    no internet connection shows while in network

  16. Thangaraju Sengoden

    Hi Abhisek, I think your 3G data card not supported to your tablet. So that it didn't show 3G dongle active.

  17. i had entered the APN setting but could not save it on tablet vt 10

  18. hi to all my datacard is detected but how to connect then?

  19. I have Samsung GT-P 3100 tablet. Can I connect Vodafone 3G USB dongle and work in internet ?

  20. Thangaraju Sengoden

    Hi Goutam, Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P3100 doesn't supports any of 3G dongles..

  21. please send settings my accaunt in gmail.

  22. I have a WS802C BSNL penta T-Pad. I am using Micromax MMS352G 3G USB Modem.I am not getting expected 3G speed. I have tried with BSNL, AIRTEL & Reliance SMART 3G SIM. But while using the dongle with PC satisfactory speed is obtained. Can any one suggest any remedy.

  23. Shouvik Pramanik

    Hi…Frndz…can u say me plz..BSNL Penta IS709C supported Micromax MMX353G USB Modem????????

  24. hi,
    i'm using bsnl penta tab model IS703C. earlier i was using reliance 2g and the setting was done from the i want to use beetel dongol with bsnl sim.i have tried your instruction,but it's not working.for besises, MCC and MNC there were proxy name,username,password etc…and it's showing bsnl of different zones.which zone should i choose? i guess kolkata it must be as i'm near it. not only that since i try couple of time s now suddenly tha tablet setting shows that the setting has been stopped what?

    whoc could get me out of this crisis?should i go to that shop,or bsnl exchange/service centre…for i need to browse also and time is running?help me!
    mail me if you can!

  25. hi,
    iam using an ainol hero, running on android 4.1 jelly bean,
    its CPU is AML 8726M6 dual core.could you let me know the right compatible 3 G modem, tks

  26. I have BSNL Penta IS801C and i have reliance net connect+
    but it didnt connect then i brought i ball netsetter 3g and attached but then also it didnt attached pls tell me how to connect it.
    i am waiting for ur reply

  27. There are some fackman who say otgcable is support external 3g dongle I am insure there are not supoted

  28. I own a Tata Photon + Huawei EC152 dongle. I purchased Samsung Galaxy tab 2 p3110 (without sim). How can I use the combination. I can purchase a Mi-fi device if required. but tell me the procedure.

  29. Thangaraju Sengoden

    Hi Alok, I think Galaxy Tab 2 doesn't supports any 3G dongle..

  30. I am using beetel 3g data card with BSNL sim , it is possible to connect with BSNL Penta WS-707C Calling Tablet?

  31. it is not possible to use olive tata photon u have to use huwavie dongle

  32. Does BSNL 3G ZTE MF 180 USB dongle is supported by IS701R ?

  33. I have galaxy S3 and it has features like reading Pendrives,Mouse and keyboard. does it also has supporting 3G Dongle?

  34. Hi I have Karbonn S T tab ,I am unable to connect the usb dongle as it does not recognise the usb. In settings too there is no 3g dongle option.Please do help sir

  35. Hi, Anyone using Penta WS707C. I have Reliance Broadband+ data card, I am unable to connect. can some please help me on this. highly appreciated…Thanks

  36. Hi, I have Toshiba AT300SE-B726 Tablet. I am unable to connect 3G dongle, caz, 'mobile networks' option is not there in the settings menu..Pls help me..

  37. how to Use tablet ? what is this tablet ?

  38. I could not connect usb multy sim dongle in my hcl me connect 2g 2.0 ( jelly bean ) tablet. I am using dongle in reliance sim but i could not use my hcl tab.

  39. I HAVE 709c penta tablet wifi not going on.. furthur my dongle idea hwaei 173du not connecting ,only the light is blinking and sometime signal is showing bt not connecting.. please help its urgent

  40. Hi, i am using Penta WS707C. I have Reliance Broadband+ data card, I am unable to connect. can some please help me on this.Thanks

  41. Thangaraju Sengoden

    Hi i tried Reliance netconnect+ data card with Penta WS702C, but failed to connect because not supported.

  42. how too connect micromax 3G dongle in hcl me u2 using airtel sim

  43. i m using penta ws 702c with unlocked ide netsetter huwai e1732 but i cant access the idea sim .can u help me?

  44. bsnl penta ws708c
    Is it possible to connect 3g network via beetel dongle with reliance 3g sim card? or is it required any other software for that?

  45. Thangaraju Sengoden

    Hi Sham, If your 3G dongle active then you can connect 3G data using any network provider…

  46. Hi, is it possible to Connect 3G Datacard Dongle to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duous thru OTG Cable…

  47. Thangaraju Sengoden

    Hi Parvatharaj, Not possible to connect 3G dongle on any samsung Galaxy smartphone as well as tablet too.

  48. Hi,please tell me the manual setting to connect aircel3g sim using USB modem for my tab videoconferencing vt75c

  49. I tried to connect the Bsnl 3g data card (ZTE MF-180) to karbonn cosmic ST-10,after inserting the data card to the tab no option such as device software successfully installed is shown and neither the 3g network gets connected. can u please help me out regarding the settings?

  50. Thangaraju Sengoden

    Hi Abhishek, I think your data card not supported to karbonn cosmic ST-10 tablet devices.

  51. what is EVDO?

  52. How I can connect to the 3g network via I ball modem.. m using idea sim.

  53. hi……..I have connected reliance huawei modem To my ws702c ,it shows notification bar that 3g dongle active ,but after some it disappear and no 3g data is enabled……….so what can I. do……..please help me sir…….

  54. thank u for your informatio,now i'm think which one i can buy for my bsnl penta ws707

  55. Thangaraju Sengoden

    @Sugubalan, All huawei data cards recommended for BSNL tablet for speedy connection..


    But i am using my ec159 huawei dongle….in my bsnlpenta ws702c ….it is suitable for my tablet or not

  57. after setting of new APN name and other functions I am going to save but it was shows me settings in the APN menu it hides what I do
    pls give solution
    and no dongle was connected

  58. sidharth anand

    OTG cable is required to connect 3g idea unlocked huwaei usb wireless modem with bsnl penta 802 c 2G calling tablet or not?can,t we connect modem directly its my question please answer it as early as possible

  59. Hi i hav bsnl penta IS7OiD nd i also hv iball 3.5G doongle wit tat docomo network bt its nt connentcng frm a week im tryng Bt no use.nd wen it has been connctd its strts blinkng bt its nt show any noticifiactn n the bar so pleas help me how to waitng for ur reply.

  60. Dear Sir, I have BSNL Penta WS708C. Please suggest me the correct bsnl 3G dongle or any other dongle and assesories to get best results. Please suggest the installation procedure also.


    please tell me how i can use micromax 353g dongle in bsnl penta tablet thanks

  62. Hi,
    I have been using Reliance netconnect+(ZTE AC2738)Modem in my pc for last three years, Now I would like to buy a good Tablet with all specification,I like windows tablet,so could you tell which Brand of tablet is compatibility for the Reliance netconnect+(ZTE AC 2738 )Modem.

    Is it possible to connect Reliance netconnect+(ZTE AC 2738 )Modem on iball slide wq32 tablet? bcz I'm in Reliance post paid plans

    Which tablet do You suggest for me ?

    I'm looking for your replay

  63. Hi
    i am using BSNL Penta and but unable to set the APN setting and failoure of net connect using Reliance Gsm Sim

    can u help me.

  64. sir, i have reliance net connect+ data card.can you give me the list of phones or tablets to which the data card supports please sir…..

  65. Sir,
    I hope you can help/guide me to use BSNL 3G(ZTE 180 model) data card for my Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0.
    My data card works fine on PC.
    While it was running on PC, I used dos command ipconfig/all and got the following out put.
    “Windows IP Configuration

    Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : personal-246f57

    Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :

    Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid

    IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

    WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

    PPP adapter BSNL 3G:

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :

    Description . . . . . . . . . . . : WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface

    Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-53-45-00-00-00

    Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No

    IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :

    Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :

    Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

    DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :

    Primary WINS Server . . . . .:

    Secondary WINS Server . . .: ”

    In order to configure my tablet, I need to fill in following information:

    Network SSID : bsnlnet or bsnlwap ?

    Security : None



    802, 1x EAP

    -which one

    ( If I select None, it doesn’t show window for password;Password window appears for other three alternatives- my difficulty is how to enter [BLANK] — just press a space and save?)

    If I create Wi-Fi connection using Network SSID ,security None, do I need to Modify network configuration?

    If I do, I get following windows to fill in:

    Proxy Setting :

    IP setting : DHCP


    If I select DHCP then there is no further settings.Otherwise I get

    IP address :

    Gateway :

    Network prefix length :

    DNS1 :


    Am I correct in filling these using data obtained by ipconfig/all above, with subnet mask giving network prefix length as 32 ( as gathered by Google search) ?

    Thanking you


  66. Lyndon Reynolds

    I have a Karboon A92 with android jelly bean 4.2. It has 900 and 1800 MHz band. It works on 2.5G EDGE network. I can connect a OTG cable because it has micro USB socket. I have a Airtel (HUAWEI Mobile Broadband E1731) 3G USB modem . Can I use this on my A92 to get 3G internet speed just as I use it on a Tablet.

  67. Bhagaban Panda

    I have bsnl penta WS704DX tab.. For the tab which dongle can I use..? please inform me the dongle list..


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