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What's This?

Apple – a leading product design (macbook, iphone, ipod, ipad)  all over the World. Apple shows interest in creating the sixth Generation iOS . It going to launch icloud for apple products.

About iCloud

iCloud stores your music, images and photos, documents, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices like PC, ipad, ipod, iphones. icloud is Automatic, effortless, and seamless — it just works.

If u want to transfer photos, images, documents and many more, its now very easy to transfer by using the iCloud.  It is not a device, its just a software from iOS announced by Apple few months later.

Apple communicated with the Webdevelopers that “iCloud launched in the month of October 2011 with iOS 5, the world best operating system.  It will create more excitement in the consumers and attract the world to Apple.

What iCloud will do?

Easy to share photos, music, videos and documents upto 5GB for free.

It can be access remotely and wirelessly from Apple devices.

It transfer and synchronise the data automatically with Apple devices but we should have account in itunes.

Easy to handle.

Works as a hardware.

Watch Video for iCloud

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