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The meaning of “Ultrabook” is not as clear as we would know and in principle this is very light and handy computers built around Intel’s low-power platform, and although the sizes of the screens do not appear to be limited, we have automatically associated with teams of 13 inches or less. Acer wants to show that there is also room for better Ultrabooks and is therefore preparing a new model with 15-inch screen for the next year. Apparently sales have been high enough to consider expanding the range of ultraportable computers, along with the new policy of signing economic laptop forget to focus on products with higher profit margin.
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As usual in these companies, making the new Ultrabook Acer will be outsourced and will be produced by Pegatron chain, as per DigiTimes reports collected in the supply line. Although the increase in size on the screen we could think that this is a team higher price than the current Ultrabooks, amazingly, the new Ultrabook 15 inches might reach the market for U.S. $ 699 approximately, which also agrees with the statements of the signature Taiwanese on the price of these machines. This is a considerable reduction considering that Ultrabooks line in the market is much closer – and even higher in some cases – $ 1000, and is an extra attraction for this upcoming models.


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