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Reliance Wi-Pod: Reliance introduces Wi-Pod devices which makes Wi-Fi free home in plug and play mode with speed of upto 14.7MBPS. In early 2015 the company launched reliance 3 (max 3.1mbps speed) and pro 3 (max 14.4mbps speed) dongles with unlimited data pack for a month plan. This Wi-Pod modem will definitely compete with the MTS MBlaze Ultra Wi-Fi and Tata Photon Wi-max. Hereafter no need of extra space in your internet connectivity table to create Wi-Fi hotsopot using any WI-FI router devices. If you have Non Wi-Fi internet datacard then this article will help you to find Best Wi-Fi router for 3G/4G CDMA data card and fixed broadband line.
Update: : Due to Reliance CDMA shutdown all CDMA datacard users (Reliance 3, Netconnect) are requested to migrate to Reliance 4G LTE SIM available for free for Datacard and Wi-Pod. Contact nearest Reliance (RCom) store and get 10GB 4G LTE data for Rs. 1 for 1 month.

Reliance Wi-Pod-Wi-Fi-modem

Reliance Wi-Pod device features and price

Superior indoor internet coverage at 800 Mhz

Create instant Wi-Fi hotspot

Consistent data speeds and easy setup process

Connects multiple users simultaneously

Micro SD card slot

HAIER M1- mammoth 5200mAh power battery gives long tour travelling internet connection with reliance pro 3 mode (HSD upto 14.4mbps) for price of Rs. 2899

Wi-Pod Mini Lava MF 802s– built with 2200mAh power battery to give better WI-FI coverage in travelling and during power failure for price Rs. 1599

ZTE AC3633 and HAIER E28 – This standard Wi-Fi modem comes with USB interface provides internet in plug and play method for price of Rs.1199.

Here is Reliance 3 modem price unlimited plan review & speed test

Reliance Wi-Pod tariff plan and data usage tips

Pack Type
Validity (Days)
5 GB
Short Validity Packs
1 GB
1 GB
1 GB
3 GB
5 GB
7 GB (FUP)
10 GB (FUP)
10 GB + 10 GB (FUP)*
Long Validity Packs
18 GB
36 GB
FUP : (Fair Usage Policy) Post the allotted quota, unlimited at 144kbps speed.

Note: The above tariff plan based on Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, Kolkata, Tamil nadu, Karnataka, Kerala states and Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai listed other plans.


  • Reliance bumper dhamaka wifi data card dongle available

    Reliance wifi with power adoptor 700

  • Reliance bumper dhamaka wifi data card dongle available

    Reliance wifi with power adoptor 700

    call back in delhi ncr 9953533788

  • Hi sir , I am glad to see this information. But i doubt whheetr this netconnect work in my city. Is that this is available only in particular places ? or everywhere?. Particularly Can you mention Whether this service is available in Warangal or kazipet in Andhra Pradesh. I am waiting for your reply. Thanks for quick reply

  • is the reliance wi-pod max (CDMA) was roamin free or not,DONT BUY THIS DEVICE. NOT WORKING PROPER,verry very wost

    • I have Reliance WiPod max.
      I have just unboxed it but never used. I want to sell it. If you are interested then please contact me

  • I have bitter experience with this Reliance Wi-pod. Every now and then it goes off. In an hour atleast 5 times. Worst ever I have seen. Please do not buy this.

  • I purchased reliance wi pod max. When it gets heat it stops working and when it get cooled down,it starts working automatically. This was irritating. It gets heat very frequently for an hour it gets disconnected 5 to 10 times. Don’t go for this word product.

  • I buying wi-pod dongle from online shoping, but it’s not working right now. So please can you tell me how to activate in this device.

  • ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!! DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT..worst product ever and worst customer service. brought this product 1 week ago FOR 14.7 MBPS SPEED.. really shocked to see the actual speed which does not cross 40kb.. VERY DISAPPOINTED…

  • One of the worst network ever found. Disconnects again & again. Customer care are least borther to your problem.

  • Worst net connection .takes 1 hour to download 7mb song.not at all connecting in my area.speed below 0.12kb.worst

  • Exchange your old/unused reliance dongle and get Airtel 4G dongle free of cost with connection call @7044855391 (niraj Jaiswal)…. Offer valid for Kolkata circle only

  • hallo sir

    reliance has on of the best netwrok in mumbai and maharashtra.
    good 3g speed , allways give new offers . now they have 4g also .
    launch new aswwome dongal wipodalso
    i have few quation regarding reliance wipod WD670
    my order number -EVIKQSUZX
    on rcom web site dongal is for every one
    but i didnot understand this if 4g sim not availabel for new connection
    they did you sale wipod on 2666 . how i start this if i dont have 4g sim and cant buy new one also
    pls reply on this as soon as possible and slove this problem

    • To Amit Kambli, Just walk into nearest Rcom store and get new 4G SIM card then register for Free 10GB 4G LTE data for Free of cost.

  • ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!! DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT..worst product ever and worst customer service. brought this product 1 week ago FOR 14.7 MBPS SPEED.. really shocked to see the actual speed which does not cross 40kb.. VERY DISAPPOINTED…
    worst than WORST!!!!!

    EVEN TALKED TO CUSTOMER CARE BUT THEY DONT SOLVE THE PROBLEM AND SAY___ “yeh humse nahi ho paega… mail kijie..””

    and when we even mail, you can check my complain no is:



    what a big fraud MTS!!!

  • reliance internet service has been third rate from past 2 months.customer care has lot of illiterates who mug up certain lines and they deliver same lines when a customer calls without understanding issue.i never saw such third rate customer care in my whole life.reliance wipod and its 4g service is pathetic to the core.ANIL AMBANI AND RELIANCE HAS PROVEN THAT THEY ARE CHARACTERLESS ROGUES AND FRAUDSTERS WHO LIE AND CHEAT CUSTOMERS FROM DAWN TO DUSK.these people should be beaten with chappal for causing inconvenience and harassing customers in hyderabad.

  • Your reliance company is a big cheater,because u promised to the exesisting customer there should not be any change for your tarrif plan as a postpaid customer now u changed the tarrif and if u call to the customer Care there we are not getting any information and they are just talking about the bill amount and the customer problem they don’t care,congrats to your development 9346654822

  • Even as of July 2016, this product is a mis-match and causes heart-burn for most of customers.

    1) Most of towns/cities do not have yet have 4g (even with other carriers).

    2) Reliance never gave speeds of over 320kbps with CDMA in towns. Are we supposed to believe that we will suddenly get 4g now? Timing is not good. Even reliance’s competitors are still 6 months away from offering workable 4g in towns. They will just sell 4g cards, which will work in 3g mode till 4g becomes practical and affordable.

    3) Reliance’s 4g card doesn’t fall back to 3g/2g when 4g is not available. So, people in towns are out of luck, they get zero signal.

    4) Why is an average customer being forced with Wi-Pod as the only option to buy? They could have sold 3g dongles which are more economic. Reliance has costly data plans. Is an average customer expected to buy 5 to 10GB data plan and share it among 5 people/devices using this wi-pod? 5 Android phones will eat it up in one day. Wouldn’t it be realistic if they had slow speed, unlimited bandwidth plans (like they used to do in CDMA?), something like 1mbps connection that gets shared among 5 people? The timing also calls for 3g data card (or at least a 4g card that falls back on 3g).

    5) Reliance’s 4g SIM isn’t expected to work with generic 4g data cards (as per company representative). Reliance, by design, sells locked in data cards. To make matters worse, they were not able to meet the demand for all existing CDMA customers, thus leaving majority of customers in cold water. I see herds of customers in who are moving out to other carriers. The company forced customers to “talk” with the local shops. In towns, there is virtually nobody knowledgeable in the shops to help you with.

    6) Reliance still expects “CDMA customers who were on monthly billing cycle” to continue to do so even with 4g GSM now. Why would they do so? There is no advantage. But, Reliance doesn’t offer them a choice. It will keep billing them monthly immaterial of usage. A number of customers would simply choose to walk out.

    7) It is sad. Reliace has showed door to majority of it’s CDMA customers who had been loyal for many years to the company. It told them, “Move to 4g or get out. We will not offer you 3g. We have expensive wi-pod, expensive 4g plans with spotty coverage, we will not allow you to fall back to 3g even if you are willing to pay us at 4g prices”.

  • Dear All,

    It is very disappointing to note that even if customer is not using services and the company also discontinues its services then also the bill is issued.

    This is very careless way of dealing with the customer, that whenever company thinks, plan discontinues and whenever company thinks plan continues.

    There is no email, no telephonic conversation, no message but ready to give bill of internet.

    I request you to please cancel all the bill charges imposed on me.

    this was the email written to Customer Care anf there is no response.

  • Dont Buy Reliance wi pod 4G Its Truely Waste 1GB 300 They are Charging and my 3g Plan was 14gb 900 & now they migrated to 4G Device and Now the Bill was 4350 So i was totally disappointed

  • Hello. Mr. Jha
    This is C.M.Chandna,
    Last month I purchased Wi-Pod and one land line phone, from Relaince Communication Store Communication Today Sector-4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad. First of all I had very bad experience on very first day,
    1. I paid Rs. 4900.00 that is Rs. 2000.00 for Dongal, Rs. 2000.00 Phone Instrument Rs.600.00 security and Rs. 300.00 for no.
    2. My connection was not started in 3 days.
    The guy in store Mr. Saied is HOPELESS, UN PROFESSIONAL, and WITH FULL of ATTITUDE.
    above all I think Mr Nasir Ahmed Saifi is more Unprofessional then Saied, Yesterday I tried to call his Cell no more then ten times, just one one time he picked the phone and he said he is doing Lunch and within half hour he will call back, he never call me back and after that he never pick the phone.
    Sir, yesterday, I was in the store Mr. Saied was talking very loudly and in unprofessional way with full of attitude. Sir your one executive Mr Akkshay was in the store at that time you can confirm, and he was talking to me very nicely but saied was even interrupting, Sir, I am very disappointed and tell me the way, how can I return my both connection.
    Sir please reply abd do the need full.
    Thanks & Regards.

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