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Reliance communication recently forcing to upgrade their CDMA (Reliance 3, Netconnect and Netconnect+ also Wi-Pod) networks to RCom 4G LTE platform which 4G LTE SIM available for free with  existing number with upgrade offers also user can use any 4G supported smartphone and 4G LTE datacard.

The company uses reliance Jio’s spectrum to launch its 4G LTE service across india where Jio network available to give internet speed upto 50MBPS. As of now rcom 4G LTE launched in 7 states (Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh east and west. Here is the full list of Reliance 4G LTE tariff plans.rcom 4g lte plan

The prepaid tariff plan starts from Rs.71 for 220MB data with 7 days of validity to Rs.1849 for 10GB with 28 days validity. The complete 4G LTE data plan included in below table (both postpaid and prepaid).

Reliance 4G LTE prepaid tariff plan

Price (Rs.) Data Validity
71 220MB 7 days
138 420MB 14 days
236 709MB 21 days
250 1GB 28 days
459 2GB 28 days
659 3GB 28 days
949 5GB 28 days
1299 7GB 28 days
1849 10GB 28 days

Reliance 4G LTE postpaid tariff plan

Price (Rs.) Data Validity
300 1GB 30 days
500 2GB 30 days
700 3GB 30 days
1100 5GB 30 days
1450 7GB 30 days
1850 10GB 30 days

Note: The above plan price may varies state to state (margin of Rs.5)

From recent news, Major 3G/4G network providers Airtel, Idea, Vodafone increased its data usage for their existing plans ie 10GB data 3G/4G available for Rs.996 in Airtel. When compare to other networks Rcom 4G LTE price much higher (almost double).

Rcom 4G LTE tariff plan Tamilnadu (Chennai):

Rcom 4G LTE plan

Note: Karnataka (Bangalore), Kerala, Telangana and other states will get 4G service from mid august 2016.


  • I bought a reliance WiPod just couple of months before they upgraded to 4 G. I was given unlimited plan at 1 Mbps for 800 rupees provided I buy the WiPod with in built battery and pay 3 months worth of bill. I was promised that the plan will not change after upgrade yet when the 4 G upgrade came they silently changed my plan to a 5 GB limited data. Now I have unbelievable speed and no data.

    My old plan was like a good reliable car which took me from Bombay to Goa and not break a sweat. My new plan is like a 10000 Bhp dragster. It goes real fast but well you can only go a quarter mile before it poofs.

  • Really, not reliable, reliance, they wanna be blackberry all of a sudden, without strategies….. Anyways, i have shifted to Vodafone…
    4G Tariffs are not at all worth, i was very much happy with CDMA, Now, they do not have any right to force us to accept this shit….

  • Reliance makes a lots of false promises. While in the migration period, I had specifically asked if my 3g truly unlimited will continue after the 4G migration with the same unlimited plan. They said there will be no plan change for existing customers. Secondly the cost for WiPod had been offered for 899, but when I purchased it, they charged me Rs. 1600/-. In the first month of migration, they reduced the data from 40gb to 25gb unlimited. Then when they called them to enquire about this, they said that they have no unlimited plan as of now and they had already moved my plan to 5g 1100 plus taxes which may amount to 1250. They don’t keep their promises after their business gets over.

  • Well reliance is befooling the custumors at the time of migration they promissed to give 10 GB data but untill now i have not been given the same. DISGUSTING

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