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RCom recently upgraded its reliance netconnect + AC2736 ZTE dongle modem name to reliance 3 AC 2739 ZTE with exclusive unlimited tariff plans and increased dongle price. We covered the reliance netconnect + review speed test and balance check published on April 2012. This 3 dongle gives amazing internet speed for laptops as well as desktops users also use as Wi-Fi internet sharing option using best Wi-Fi routers. When compare to Reliance Netconnect+, 3 modem internet speed mode available in three types as (Reliance3 (HSD-upto 3.1 mbps), Netconnect 1X (1x-upto 153.6kbps)) similar to netconnect +. This modem offers download speed maximum of 3.1 Mbps and Upload speed of 1.8 Mbps and CDMA 1X network upto 153.6 kbps speed.

Service Closed: Reliance 3, Netconnect+ and other CDMA networks services are closed and post your old Modem to garbage bin. So keep search for RCom 4G LTE service and Rel JIO 4G SIM.

Hold On: Want to create Wi-Fi hotspot using reliance 3 modem then refer Best Wi-Fi router for 3G/4G CDMA USB data card broadband modem

Reliance 3 AC2739 Modem price

Reliance 3 modem price

This upgraded data card priced at Rs.1099 at official rcom.co.in website also offer 3 months of unlimited internet usage at speed upto 3.1mbps. But we bought at Rs.1,200 with this three month unlimited high speed data usage.

Reliance 3 dongle speed test



In real time experience we are getting max speed of not more than 150kbps under downloading torrent files while IDM less than 200kbps of download speed. Check the below images

Stay bookmark us for Reliance 3 tariff plans and comparison between reliance pro 3 vs reliance 3 and hoe to configure to Wi-Fi router to get Wi-Fi free home or offer using Reliance 3 device.


  • does data card speed effect CDMA network PERFORMANCE ? —– being a old version micromax mmx 310c data card is having speed of 7.2 Mbps while latest MMX 350C CDMA data card provides up to 3.1 Mbps speed ……..but this latest one is compatible for windows 8 and above but MMX 310C will not work with upgraded windows OS ……now i m running windows 7 ….which one SHOULD I buy …

  • I request all customers to do not buy any products of Reliance Brand. They are cheaters. They convince you in every way to buy their products, but when you use that product, you understand that they cheated you. But it is too late. I have purchased 14.7 Mbps speed Reliance Pro3 dongler and it never gave more than 2 Mbps speed.

  • Was royally cheated by reliance. The speed was 99kbps . And they don’t allow u to use the net beyond 3-4 gb data. No complaints are resolved so closed connection

  • That’s right buddy about the info you pasted above. I live in Tal-Baramati,Dist-Pune and I have got a Reliance tower 50-100 meters away from me but I do get the same speed you get & it does not exceed beyond 150kbps.

  • I hald a reliance 3 dongle. I have finished my 3 months unlimited internet usage. Can I again get unlimited internet on same dongle for 3 months at Rs. 1200

  • reliance is making all of us chutiya so slow speed
    plz don”t buy
    if any body want i will sell it only in 500 rs

  • reliance 3 AC 2739 ZTE — speed is around 150 kilobytes/second, After 3 months there was 797 rs plan for truly unlimited but now reliance website doesn’t show that truly unlimited plan…!!! so is there any other truly unlimited plan for reliance3… there is 999 rs plan but its only for netconnect+ modem… pls help

  • Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is a big chor and biggest cheater in Indian corporate world. I bought this Reliance 3 dongle. The salesman told its unlimited 3 mbps.. but in reality even the normal websites dont open easily.

    Never ever buy anything related to Reliance…

  • I want to buy reliance 3 unlimited net for 3 month .
    in this area this skim is not available now.it was there but stopped.if I buy it from any were this will work here.

  • I have Got Reliance 3 dongle with 999 40GB per month plan. It is very clear the speed is “upto 3.1 Mbps”.They why say reliance cheated.


  • dont ever purchase reliance ,they are cheating their customers,they offered 3.1 Mbps ,i am getting here just 100kbps,complained several times but, no change,never ever buy any of their product.

  • For a week speed was good and suddenly today massage you are exceeding limit so speed reduced to 1.45. anytime you call ” officers are busy attending other calls, 1000 times the same reply now I got as hours continues calling to customer care. “I have spent about 10,000 to get that unlimited three months free I have been using 400 MB daily in average, why crossing limit?”. I see every counter in a long QUE………. Please don’t go mad on this false promise, BIG FISH knows how to eat in an easy way. Dont fall in that NET that is going to TRAP you. Losing your hard earn money just for a week to give you smile. If you wish to get still, give me 10000 I will give you this one week old smart mobile with freeeeee unlimiteddddd fourrrrr G nettttt for threeee months.
    Fooling you in every counter, they even know nothing …… fooling from above they are doing the same………..Since the mobile service started I have never come across such a dirty service.

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