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What's This?

MTS Mblaze is a leading low price high speed mobile broadband internet service offered by MTS India. The data transfer unlimited tariff plan and USB MBlaze dongle price, coverage are all over the cities in india are reasonably consider for buyers when looking to buy a new wireless internet broadband connection for Home or business laptop. After all major networks slashed its3G data plans almost 40%-50%, the users are consider to buy a 3G Dongle device for high speed internet upto 7.1 Mbps /21.1mbps speed with universal MultiSIM supports or even 3G netsetter, 3G netconnect from various telecom providers. MTS also provides MTS Mbrowse for low speed wireless connection for low price.

mts-Mblaze dongle price tariff plans


The disadvantage while using 3G netcards are lack of 3G network coverage in villages or even in cities. MTS Mblaze offers speed upto 3.1 Mbps data transfer dongle device with limited plans as well as unlimited plans too.

MTS Mblaze dongle specs price and New offer:

The price for MTS Mblaze at MTS stores available at Rs.1149 with the specification of plug and play USB supported device, downloading speed limit up to 3.1 Mbps and uploading speed limit to 1.8 Mbps, Micro SD card slot available to use as card reader. No need to install separate driver software for windows Xp, Vista.

List of MTS Mblaze Prepaid tariff recharge plan details 

Special offers from MTS Mblaze:

MTS offers free 30 days unlimited browsing for top three social networking sites (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn for price of Rs.647 with bundled usage of 6 GB for new customers and 4 GB usage for existing customers.

First Recharge offer for New customers:

FRC in Rs. Free Usage Validity (in Days) Extra Usage Charge
300 3 GB 30 Re.1/MB
501 6 GB 30 Re.1/MB
998 3 GB 90 Re.1/MB
999 10 GB Unlimited* 30 NA
1499 15 GB 90 Re.1/MB
1998 8 GB 180 Re.1/MB
* Unlimited Usage available at speeds up to 144 Kbps post 10 GB

Unlimited tariff Recharge plan:

Price (Rs.) Free Usage Valdity (in days) Extra Usage Charge
96 0.5 GB Unlimited* 1 Not Applicable
348 2 GB Unlimited* 7 Not Applicable
798 5 GB Unlimited* 30 Not Applicable
999 10 GB Unlimited* 30 Not Applicable
1298 15 GB Unlimited* 30 Not Applicable

Monthly Recharge Plan

Price (Rs.) Free Usage Valdity (in days) Extra Usage Charge
248 1 GB 30 Re.1/MB
490 3 GB 30 Re.1/MB

Long Validity Recharge plan

Price (Rs.) Free Usage Valdity (in days) Extra Usage Charge
698 4 GB 60 Re.1/MB
998 6 GB 90 Re.1/MB
1499 15 GB 90 Re.1/MB

Note: Unlimited plans has speed limits Up to 3.1Mbps as per your recharged free usage plan and after free usgae speed decreases to for certain data 144 Kbps, then goes to low speed 64 Kbps. Ask all detailed plans from your nearest retailer before you purchase your kit.

How to Recharge Prepaid MBlaze card online:

Follow this online recharge page link from official MTS website and follow the instructions and Recharge your account via Rechargeitnow by entering MTS Prepaid Mobile Number and choose amount you wish to recharge then select payment option (Net Banking, Credit Card payment, Debit card payment) and follow.


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  • this is the wost network and service which i had come across in my life . i done a big mistake after purchasing the data card from MTS is the bad service and cx care i cant describe in my word , the technical depart is incapable to fix the issue they dont any thing , i m not justifying will given one

    once called up customer care that told to upgrade my OS as windows xp incompatible with mts mblaze data card , i got surprised to know but i fooled myself and upgraded my OS to win 7.

    no more comment , because i m not in good mood to describe

    sincerely i will advise you guys before purchasing anything plz do remember
    " we are not responsible for any thing "

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