Idea 3G Netsetter prepaid price and tariff details

Idea netsetter prepaid price and tariff details in India

Idea is a fastest growing telecom company and now launched its 3G service all over the india. Idea recently launched netsetter plan for prepaid as well as postpaid users. Idea 3G netsetter is USB broadband Data card used for desktop and laptop users as wireless device.

Do Check all state Idea 3G tariff plan and price details

The main features of the 3G Idea Net Setter – Idea Broadband 3G USB Data card are:

* GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850 MHz/900 MHz/1800 MHz/1900 MHz

* 3G, GRPS/EDGE Class1~Class12

* Data and SMS capabilities.

* SMS services (group sending and editing the extra-long messages)

* Plug & Play function, Zero CD installation

* SIM-lock function

Here are the full details for Idea 3G netsetter USB datacard plan and Price

Compare Airtel 3G Vs Idea 3G best mobile USB Data card 3G data prepaid tariff plan

Idea netsetter 2G /EDGE data card prepaid plan:

Data card price: Rs.1600

Plan: 299 plan – Rs.299 for 30 days unlimited access.

399 plan- Rs.399 for 45 days unlimited access

499 plan- Rs.499 for 60 days unlimited access

As per June/July 2014 data, Idea 3G Netsetter Prepaid plan tabled here.

MRP Data Benefit Data Validity Overage  Activation Code
8 30 MB 1 4p/10KB *800*8# Available only on USSD
15 60 MB 1 4p/10KB *800*315# Available only on USSD & Paper
19 75 MB 2 4p/10KB *800*319# Available only on USSD & Paper
25 100 MB 3 4p/10KB *800*25# Available only on USSD & Paper
29 120 MB 3 4p/10KB *800*329# Available only on USSD & Paper
61 250 MB 7 4p/10KB *800*61#
103 300 MB 28 4p/10KB *800*103#
169 650 MB 15 4p/10KB *800*169#
249 1 GB 28 4p/10KB *800*249#
449 2 GB 28 4p/10KB
598 3 GB 28 4p/10KB
952 5 GB 90 4p/10KB

Unlimited Data Packs

MRP Data Benefit Data Validity (Days) FUP limit
651 3 GB Unlimited 28 Speed post 3GB @ 40Kbps & post 4GB @ 20Kbps
751 4 GB Unlimited 28 Speed post 4GB @ 40Kbps & post 5GB @ 20Kbps
851 6 GB Unlimited 28 Speed post 6GB @ 40Kbps & post 7GB @ 20Kbps
951 7 GB Unlimited 28 Speed post 7GB @ 40Kbps & post 8GB @ 20Kbps
1251 10 GB Unlimited 28 Speed post 10GB @ 40Kbps & post 11GB @ 20Kbps
1501 11 GB Unlimited 28 Speed post 11GB @ 40Kbps & post 12GB @ 20Kbps

The above prepaid plan for maharashtra-goa circle only and other region the data plan may vary.

Speed for 3G services area- 1.5Mbps and download speed- 30kbps-50kbps, upload speed- 40kbps.

For non 3G services area- 512kbps and download speed- 10kbps, upload speed- 15kbps.

Idea Net setter broadband data card postpaid plan:

How to access Idea 3G Netsetter in Ubuntu OS or Windows OS

For Windows Users – Follow steps after inserting Idea 3G Netsetter Data card to your computer Via USB port.

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  1. i am using the above mentioned idea netsetter with unlimitted access for 30 days on prepaid basis and they are taking rs 399 every 30 days strictly….as per ur statements it must be 299rs

  2. Hi amrutha, Thanks for commenting,, In tamil nadu we are using at only Rs.299 per 30days..

  3. Net Setter Plan And What Price net setter priped plan please Reply Idea cair

  4. very very bad speed idea net

  5. hyy how can i buy only data card without dongle,so u dont use this give me this data card and u sold, give me mail on this and also give your price

  6. i want that plan in which i can get data speed betn. 500kbps-1mbps. postpaid or prepaid for unlimeted use. affordable charges rs. 400-600

  7. Hi suhail, this plan not taken to 500kbps, If u need 500kbps go with Rs.800/month plan

  8. Does this data card + dongle supports Ubuntu 11.10?
    Please reply.

  9. Ya it supports Ubuntu OS.

  10. Mr.Abhigyan, i don't know where u from.. but i am using the Idea 3g net setter and am getting 2.65mbps speed at max… and 1.35 minimum..

  11. Depends on your plan and the above details is only for EDGE based speed test using 3G netsetter.

  12. what is the procedure of bill payment of 3g idea netsetter

  13. To Sanjeev, Its easy to recharge.. choose your desired plan and as per normal mobile recharge in all mobile retailer shop.

  14. Lucky Ayer (Mahendranagar) Nepal

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    5. Idea Recharge *130*Recharge Code#
    6. Idea Pack *369#
    7. Data Price *567#
    8. Idea Account Lone *150#
    9. Costumer Care Dile 12345
    10.Idea Manu *111#
    Service an Idea
    1. 3G – ACT 3G To 12345
    2. Live Tv – 3GTV To 54777
    3. GPRS Activated – FRESH To 4666
    4. GPRS SETTINGS – SET To 12345
    Service an Idea
    1. Cricket – UNSUB ONDCKTPOR To 55456
    (Idea Manu)
    2. JOBS – JOBS To 58010
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    Lucky Ayer (Mahendranagar) Nepal

  15. Its still sad to know that …the tariff is not lowered . still same higher prices for unlimited plans . just the device ( USB modem ) cost is low .

  16. iam using 3g netsetter but not recharge last 4 month due to some reason so, please tell me if i recharge my data card now then it will be working or not ?

  17. i want an unlimited download plan with around 500 kbps download speed. postpaid or prepaid doesn't matter. budget is also not a big deal. plz help….

  18. Prashant- Go with 3G unlimited plan for Rs.900/month which gives more than 500kbps downloading speed and >1Mbps browsing speed..

  19. Please let me know about the prepaid netseter recharge scheme for monthly & annualy.

  20. it is fast ?

  21. TEll me idea 3g netsetter is worth taking? m thinking of buying it bcs of lower tariff plans. is there any other dongle which i can buy a lower rate n whose later monthly plans will also b lower.
    My usage will b 1-2 GB per month

  22. Hi Abhidnya, idea 3G netsetter good for your usage plan and also look for reliance netconnect+ which offers good speed for low price check <a href="; title="[Hands On Review] Reliance Netconnect plus price and software installation" rel="nofollow">[Hands On Review] Reliance Netconnect plus price and software installation </a>

  23. I checked reliance netconnect plans. They are very costly. At 350 rupees they r giving max to max 500 mb data plans. I wanted to ask abt speed of idea netsetter? I live in mumbai(Mulund) Is it satisfiable? Also at my home if airtel signals are weak for mobile and if i buy airtel 3g data cards, den hw wil b signals of 3g wireless data cards?

  24. To abhdnya you have to consider your signal strength for your device and go to nearest store ask your kit for demo then go with best.

  25. hi iam frm kerala iam a student i want to know which idea 2g unlimitted plan is suitable for me my budget [rs300-rs500]

  26. I want to buy a usb modem at speed b/w 1 to 3mbps. Is idea 3g netsetter is worth for me. Wats the rate of unlimited plan for it…some one plz rply…

  27. I want to buy a USB modem but pretty confused which one to buy…????? Please suggest someone….

  28. Kawanpreet Singh Sandhu

    Hy bro idea netsetter plans details please send me…It's a good net

  29. u can download 1 gb film in 1 hour or in less time if in continuty

  30. i am using the same……….
    no high speed in 2G/……
    rs. 399 for unlimited………

  31. thats best net for using speeds

  32. thaks i have get a best way to purchase

  33. i use this 299 plan for 30 days.if i will not recharge at the 31st day its validity finished or last ? .if it lasts then how long? plz answer.

  34. it will disconnect after 31st day. If you want to continue then again recharge with Rs.299 for next one month.

  35. pls tell me about prepaid unlimited plan………..i bought idea netsettler today by paying rs.2000 ……….is it worth ?????????

  36. 3g net setter

  37. Worst service idea charging in prepaid Rs.749/-for 30 days unlimited use for 3G SERVICES,but no 3G service in HARIDWAR and also net not working after only 9 days of charging THIS IS SURPRISING THAT ADITYA BIRLA TYPE PERSONS TELL LIE AND NOT BELIVEBLE.

  38. I HAVE AN IDEA 3G NETSETTER and me staying at CHENGANNUR , allepy district , kerala. But till now there is no 3G in CHENGANNUR. Me fed up with idea 2g plan here.Total waste buying idea data card. Pls make 3G at chengannur…

  39. i want use a fastest net . browsing and down. both. plz tell me about new offer and net setter price in u.p. : and i hav no net setter and wana buy a new

  40. Hy bro idea netsetter plans list & details please send me…It’s a good net.

  41. im using ' idea 3g smart wifi ' and what can i do to reharge it? recarghe the sim? but net setter?

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