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Aircel india recently updated its internet pack for mobile devices, 2G dongle and 3G dongle. Aircel also released unlimited usage plan in the form of 2G (GPRS and EGDE) data connectivity speed with limited 3G (HSPA) data speed for limited time for low prices. From March 2013 onwards, the revised 2G/3G packet internet plan recharge card available at nearest mobile service center as well as online recharge.


Mobile operator Aircel updated new Pocket Internet 24 (PI-24) plan for priced at Rs. 24 low cost data plan offers 100 MB of data usage with validity of 30 days in 2G as well as 3G speed upto 3.6 Mbps.

Pocket Internet 24 will be available in North East, Jammu & Kashmir, Orissa, Kolkata and Rest of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Bihar. The plan will be rolled out in rest of the circles on April 24, 2013.

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Aircel 2G/3G Pocket internet plan price for mobile, tablet and MultiSIM 3G data cards starting from Rs. 5, Rs.14, Rs.29, and Rs. 98 with validity from 1 day to 21 days in limited usage mode and in unlimited Aircel 2G/3G Pocket internet plan starting from Rs. 8, Rs.17 and upto Rs.997 with valid from 2 days to 30 days.

Price (MRP)-
(in Days)
3G(HSPA- upto 3.6Mbps) 2G-EDGE (upto 256kbps) Overage charges
5 1 Nil 30MB 10p/10KB
14 3 Nil 120MB 10p/10KB
24 30 100MB 100MB 10p/10KB
29 7 150MB 200MB 10p/10KB
67 15 250MB 500MB 10p/10KB
98 21 300MB 650MB 10p/10KB

The above plans are limited pocket internet plans that means post free data tariff plan user charged 10p per 10KB.

(in Days)
3G(HSPA- upto 3.6Mbps) 2G-EDGE (upto 256kbps) Data speed after FUP
8 2 60MB 60MB 64kbps
17 3 100MB 200MB 64kbps
37 10 200MB 200MB 64kbps
128 28 500MB 1GB 64kbps
198 30 1GB UL 64kbps
399 30 2GB UL 64kbps
697 30 5GB UL 64kbps
997 30 10GB UL 64kbps

Note: The above details in tables are prepared from official Aircel.com website. If you want to recharge any pack online goto Aircel.com pocket/3G page and choose your plan.

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How to activate Aircel 3G pocket Internet pack via mobile and Tablet:

To activate 3G and 2G on your number simply call to 121 and activate.

To get Aircel 3G & 2G pocket Internet settings send SMS “PI” to 121 (toll-free number).


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