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What's This?

Huawei launched new mobile broadband datacard devices with built in Wi-Fi in the following three categories Laptopi-Fi (E303FH, E3531, E303U, E3121), Power-Fi (E8221, E8231, E8131) and Mibi-Fi (E5220) for price starts from Rs. 1200.  Here is we got Huawei Power-Fi E8221 datacard to offer hands on review.

Online Price Compare:

Flipkart.com (Buy sponsor link) – price starts Rs.1650 – snapdeal – Rs.1700

For upto 21Mbps speed go with Huawei E8231 Data Card price of Rs.1990 only at flipkart.com and snapdeal discount offer price starts from Rs.2150 with free 3GB aircel data @3G/2G.


Huawei Power-Fi E8221 features

High speed internet connectivity – GPRS/EDGE/ HSPA (14.4Mbps – HSDPA, 5.76Mbps HSUPA)

Wi-Fi hotspot upto 10 devices – Just give power source to Huawei Power-Fi E8221 and connect internet upto 10 devices in wireless (laptop, Android (Huawei mobile Wi-Fi app), Windows OS, Apple iOS smartphones)

Works with main power source- The main feature is that no need to connect Huawei Power-Fi E8221 to laptop or PC to use as Wi-Fi hotspot, just connect with power sources like USB power adaptor (travel charger), car charger and connect Wi-Fi internet.The below images the datacard connected with Xolo mobile travel charger to power up Wi-Fi connectivity.
Huawei Power-Fi E8221 -power-charger
Plug and play with compatible with Windows 8 OS

No need to install Huawei mobile partner dashboard and it will be shown in browser via in address bar.
Huawei Power-Fi E8221 -dashboard

Easy to change WLAN (Wi-Fi hotspot) password in settings page and Mobile network mode (2G or 3G only)

Huawei Power-Fi E8221 settings

supports Android tablets devices which has 3G Dongle active features


  • Hello,

    will the wifi hotspot provided by this device be password protected or not? And can I switch off the wifi hotspot if not required?

  • This time airtel give free 6 gb data for 3 months with this device (Huawei 8221). Nice product. with little problem with me(I think so) when pluged in my pc the browser get slow or sometimes hang.

  • to "Thangaraju Sengoden. procedure is so simple, just insert your airtel prepaid SIM card. and you get a sms from airtel. that the procedure.
    thank you.

  • I am using e8231 data card with airtel sim for accessing wifi internet in my ipad. Problem is all websites are being redirected to huawei homepage. Please help with settings!

  • What type of USB power adapter(any specifications) is to be used for this dongle?
    my travel charger isn't working for this.

    • Yes you can use as Wi-Fi Hotspot without any Wi-Fi adopter in your PC or even you can use it via power bank too.

  • Hello Murugan,

    Just purchased Huawei Power Fi – E8221 yesterday. They mentioned that it works with Windows 8. I believe it should work with Windows 7 too.

    Hope that helps.


  • Hi I just ordered huawei e8221 from snapdeal.com but they didn't tell me any airtel free scheme for 3 months. Will they provide. Can I use any company s prepaid 3g in this

    • i have't get any offer, i'm also purchased it from snapdeal.com. don't think u get any offer. but u can use any gsm sim both r avialable prepaid & postpaid.

  • It is a good product. We can use it on window 7 also. If u can not check the data balance then u should download inserted sim card opprator app.

  • I inserted airtel 3G data card.It works fine on my laptop,IPad,iPhone and SamsungIs itv deirable to change password.If so, how.?Pl explain step by step

  • Hi,
    I saw that W8RT is not supported …. what does it means?
    It means that :
    1 I can't connect teh E8321 to a W8RT tablet via usb cable?
    2 A W8RT device will not connect to the E8321 hot spot?
    3 A WinPhone 8.1 will or will not connect to the E8321 hot spot?

  • i hav purchased huawei e8221,when i connect with power sources to connect Wi-Fi internet.unable to connect to wi-fi it is password protected,i hav not kept any password,i hav cheked by giving pass as admin not working,
    what is the password? how to change the password for wi-fi?

  • Hi, When I plug in the Huawei USB to my power bank, both the power and wifi lights turn on. Power button keeps blinking. When I try to connect my iphone 5 to the hotspot, after selecting Huawei network, it opens 168.2.1…something link and asks me to enter password and finish setup. But once I do that, process keeps repeating and never connects to the hotspot created. Can anyone help me here?

  • even after the reset the login is possible by using default login and password "admin". please help me out a my data in not unlimited and billing going up because I am not able to monitor the use due to inability to login. Earlier I used my login and password, it worked fine

  • am using Huawei E8231 data card for last one month, initially i didnt face any issue. but suddenly for the last few days even after wifi strong connectivity, data is not buffering in my mobile. more often its redirecting to 192.1681.1 page only.
    Anyone please guide how to get this fixed.

  • I bought Huawei e8221 2 weeks before .now its not working even I connect to power adaptor still not working means not switch on .it just like a dead

  • Sir, my note 2 mobile wifi is on, then HUAWAI power-Fi E8221 secured wps available appears in the screen and asks for password, when usual default password is typed the connect button in the Huawai wizard is not active, so I could not get wifi connection to mobile. but in p.c.win 7 internet connection is available.
    whether huawai data card application is to be down loaded for android mobile to get wifi internent connection? please suggest solutions for wifi connection

  • I have desktop with out wifi inbuilt can I use this data card without sim as wifi receiver.I have wifi router with braodband internet.My desktop & router distance is far & cannot use LAN cable. Else what is other option of USB adaptor.

  • I have ordered huawei e8221 from Snapdeal at a price Rs 1549. It's good to buy this or not ? This question striked my mind after reading the problems faced by the current user who described it here in above comments.

  • hello! i am using huawei E8221 modam on windows 7 but i am changing my os into windows 8.1 then i use the modem it's not work. the control page can't open but internet is used pls help…….!

  • I am an user of 8231 data card.Both the devices are basically same. Let me answer some questions found in this forum.
    1. This device is a hardware based WiFi device so it hardly matters about the OS until your physical device supports WiFi.
    2. Open the back cover – your default WiFi password is written there. You can change it later on Settings ->WLAN ->WLAN Basic Settings.To open the device administration page type – default user name and password is "admin".
    3.Only 3G SIM is supported – no LTE (4G) or CDMA.
    4.This device supports SMS. Nowadays all service providers have some SMS function to check data balance. Mine is Vodafone Kolkata and I use the keyword "DATA BAL" and send to 111 for it.
    4.It will support both 5A-1V and 5A-2V adapters and all travel battery packs.Recommended is 5A-1V.
    5. This is a WiFi data card but not router – you cannot use it as WiFi receiver.
    6. Two more tips, Go To DialUp -> Mobile Connection, enable data roaming and Timeout to 120 Min (maximum allowed). Also set network mode to "3G Only" for better speed.
    Hope this helps.

  • i cannot find modem setting…it connect automatically but it shows connection refused..…wat can i do..pls rply..

  • I am totally confused..plz help me to make choice for a comfortable 3g wifi dongle..After a long time I have made a choice for Huawei 8221 and 8231 and I was just going to buy Huawei 8221…But watching these reviews I become just embarrassed..plz help me choosing the best 3g wifi universal dongle..

  • dear sir

    i have a huawei data car model e8231 u unsert bsnl 3g sim becacause it not working so kindly tell me about that setting

  • How to connect the e8231 to my vodafone 3g.
    when I inserted my vodafone sim its green light is blinking which shows conneting to 2g network its not connecting to 3g where as i havea 3g data plan.plz plz tell how to connect my vodafone karanataka sim to e8231 to use 3g..plz plz let me know it as early as possible

  • I am using power fi E8221 model. When the home page 192.168…… automatically loads,the page is not displaying any contents like home,statistics,settings etc… Simply some symbols are displaying… What to do? Please help

  • Forgot password.
    Open back cover. Reset device by pressing reset button for 5 seconds. Default password and user name -admin
    Wifi password written inside.

  • i cant connect my mobile to this modem wifi…it asks for passwd i enter the admin passwd but doesnt connect…..i changed the passwd but not connecting…..give me the solution

  • i hav purchased huawei e8221,when i connect with power sources to connect Wi-Fi internet.unable to connect to wi-fi it is password protected,i hav not kept any password,i hav cheked by giving pass as admin not working,
    what is the password? how to change the password for wi-fi?

  • I have purchased it recently. Initially, it was working well. But, last three days it is showing “limited” in “connection” location. It is even showing in wifi devices also. I have reset the device and still it is showing the same. I even connected my mobile phone through wifi. Unconsumed, valid Data is also available. Anybody can help me sort out the issue.

    Thanks in advance


  • hi, I have kept a username & password for my HUAWEI(powerfi) e8221 now i have forgotten both please help me to reset my password & username

  • i have huawei wifi wingle
    E8231s-1. Before the new software
    update , I was able to choose
    between 2g or 3g network
    however now every time 3g
    network loses strength , it
    automatically changes to 2g
    network and since then i am
    unable to use 3g network. the
    earlier version had no such
    problem. is there any solution ? or
    how can I go back the old
    version ?

  • I am using power fi E8221 model, After Firmware update, . When the home page 192.168…… automatically loads,But in the loop, no page display, But internet working fine.. is it issue will reslove after pressing the reset for 5 seconds or any other option to revert previous firmware

  • My 3G wifif dongle ( the white higher version ) keeps connecting back to 2G network automatically…ther is no option to permenantly connect to 3G netwok only..Huawaei gives option to unda kunna

  • i am using e8221 3g dongle, recently it asked for firmware update, now the opening screen 192.168.1 is not appearing, the firfox opening page is not loading.
    how to get the opening screen.
    Also, will the device open only firefox page, can it open a chrome web page of 192.168.1, what is the setup required.
    Thanks in advnce, please repsond

  • sir i bought Huawei dongle E8231 but i am not able to use this as router, as i already have an line internet connection and wanted to have the access of that line internet connection on my android phone through WiFi. Can u suggest if it is possible.

  • E8221
    I have huawei wifi dongle
    E8221. Before the new software
    update , I was able to choose
    between 2g or 3g network
    however now every time 3g
    network loses strength , it
    automatically changes to 2g
    network and since then i am
    unable to use 3g network. is there any solution ? or
    how can I go back the old
    version ?

  • Huawei Power-Fi modem Password Reset Tip:
    Remove the back cover of your adapter. There will be a reset button. press it about 5-8 seconds. while reset your device should connect with power or PC. And finally it will automatically reset. Now you can use ur device and give username and password as admin and admin..

  • I have change the default password of Huawei power fi e8231 modem, and forgotten the new password, please let me know how to recover?

  • hai all

    i am using hwawei pweor FI E 8231

    i am able to browse with chrome.

    but this home page not loading


    it shows waiting for home page and waiting for cache only on chrome browser.

    Pls help me

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