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What's This?

Adsense is an every blogger’s dream account and getting adsense account also difficult. Most of the new blogger’s just creating blog and updating it with easy step and also applying adsense also very simple step. After getting approved from adsense team next step is to keep account safe.step by step guide for a beginner to make money with Google adsense.

My name is mohan, I am new to adsense account, after I got approved mail from google adsense first time and I am so happy after seeing email from adsense.

Also See How My Cousin brother’s 6 days old blog got Adsense approval

Let’s see how to create ad unit from adsense beta:

If you are blogger.com user then easy steps to place ads unit to your blog by clicking Add a Gadget button.

But I am self-hosted domain user so I need to create ads unit to place ads for my site.

After I agreed Adsense TOC my homepage opened like my earnings reports, adsense help center.

For creating New ad unit just go under My ads tab and then content -> Ad units. In that create new ad unit like below image. Before us creating ad unit some common rules for Adsense:

  1. Blog have quality content with good visitors.
  2. Only we can place 6 ads spaces (ad types) for one blog (3 Text link ads and 3 image media/rich text ads).
  3. Ads must place in the content oriented page (not in blank page).

After that just type ad unit Name in the name field for example 728x90_Imageonly_NichecontentPage.

Size – Before selecting size just check with your blog or site where we want to place ads and confirm ads spaces and then select size.
Ad type- As I mentioned early in step 2 about ad type, select according to your spaces (Text or image ads).

In custom channel – add new custom channel for your reference only. If you have multiple blog with one  account then want to track your individual site performance add separate custom channel for each and every site.
Rest field are leave as default and click save and get code. Just paste Adsense code it to your blog and ready for earning from your site.

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