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Apple iPhone a well known and most popular smartphone around the world now is getting rumors for iPhone’s 2013 calendar year smartphone release. After iPhone 5 released bigger size, slimmer and faster than previous iPhone version in 2012, From the beginning 2013 year, apple’s new product launches speculation getting big bugs around the web and states that most probably Apple to launch next iPhone named as iPhone Plus or iPhone5s or even some source releases iPhone Math. After huge success in big screen smartphones like samsung galaxy SIII and HTC One X kind of mobile, apple increasing its iPhone device screen size to bigger for every new iPhone version release. This it would be a nearly 5-inch display screen.


iPhone 5, Galaxy S III, iPhone Plus mockup, Galaxy Note II [From left]

iPhone plus or iPhone5s specs rumored:

This buzzed device comes with a 4.94 inch screen size when we measure at diagonally with the screen resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels and 264 DPI screen with 16:9 aspect ratio makes a lot of sense. From the iOS point of view, the upcoming iPhone runs on updated iOS 6 or iOS 7 versions to get more new features like snappier processor, fingerprint sensor, better camera and more powerful LED flash.

Finally Apple ready to take a clash with Samsung’s big screen phablet smartphone Samsung galaxy Note II and other upcoming 5-inch device phablet devices from Sony (Xpera Z). Apple fans are waiting for confirmation from Apple Inc about the upcoming new launch iPhone official specification, Release date [expected Mid 2013] and pricing. Lets see it will be a iPhone plus or iPhone 5s. Stay tuned more updated coming soon..

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