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What's This?

Airtel india introduced new plan for 3G/4G internet users those who are loving long term pack ie yearly data benefits. From July 2016, the internet users are searching the new term Rel JIO free SIM buy online to get free unlimited 4G data for 90 days with speed upto 20mbps speed in real time. Due to JIO SIM available for free for most of 4G android smartphone, the india’s No.1 telecom company Airtel sinking its data recharge plans. Finally Airtel launched mega saver pack with long term validity for internet user to get 1GB, 2GB and 5GB for low price.

The details of new Airtel 3G/4G 6-month and 12-month pack listed below

Airtel Mega Saver Packs

Rs. 748/Rs.747 for Six months validity:

To get your data for 180 days of validity have to recharge Rs.748 or Rs.747 differ from state to state and get instant 1G data benefit for 28 days and recharge for Rs. 99 get 1GB and Rs. 259 get 2.5GB for 28 days of validity.

Rs. 1498/Rs.1497 plan for 1 year validity:

To get your data benefit for 365 days (1 year) of validity have to recharge Rs.1498 or Rs.1497 differ from state to state and get instant 1G data benefit for 28 days and recharge for Rs. 51 get 1GB and Rs. 99 for 2G Rs. 259 get 5GB for 28 days of validity.

Pack Price Validity Data Benefit Data Plan
Rs. 747 6 Months 1GB (28 days) Rs.95  for 1GB

Rs.256 for 2.5 GB

(28 days validity)

Rs.1497 12 Months 1GB (28 days) Rs.53 for 1GB

Rs.95 for 2GB

Rs.265 for 5GB

(28 days validity)

All data benefits are 3G/4G circles only

So if you calculate monthly pack price for 1 year validity pack

Average monthly price: 1498/12= Rs. 125 + 259= Rs. 384 for 5GB data or Rs.643 for 10GB data for 28 days only

This is good move by Airtel to retain their customer ahead of Jio launch, because most of the customers are ready to port to Rel JIO via MNP offers.

We all are waiting to get commercial Rel Jio launch date as well as full list talktime, 4G data Tariff plan and MNP offers from RJIL.


  • Airtel has not enabled mobile prepaid recharge app (1gb@53) yet, even after paying 1498 offer plan in the app. App only shows regular recharge values (1gb@155, 2gb@245), etc.. Called up customer care and she was not able to explain how I can make new recharges at discounted price, after buying the yearly 1498 pack.

  • It works..No issues..I recently recharged this value and it seems fine.But there is a trap.As far as i know they have deactivated family and friends sharing option for this scheme..So you can not share the data to other 4 users..They have smartly made the plan.

  • To get this offer in some states, Dont use sim cars on data card (or) modem. Please use the sim in 3g mobile and recharge it. still you cant use New sim card and recharge that.

  • Tell me one thing.. can i carry forward the initial 6gb which they give if i recharge for 53 rupees 1 gb? Yes or no? Hav anyone tried it?

  • Airtel app is very poor. They donot update it seems. I could not recharge for 1GB for the Mega saver pack. Why should we have airtel app if we go and recharge in retail shop?

  • Whoever has given the details above related to the data pack, please tell everyone (incl me) how to recharge 1GB @rs 53 using airtel app. its inconvenient going to the retail shop everytime. For 1GB, 2GB, 5GB @ rs 53, 97, 252 there are other data offers corresponding. if unfortunately instead of 1GB validity for 1 yr, we get 200 MB for a month @ 53 as given in the app, then it’ll be a big loss for us. The customer service should at least change the amount ; shouldn’t give 2 different offers for the same cost.

    • Go for 95rs 2gb.Don’t get panic after receiving usual plan data credit message. I use Paytm and recharge it now.check balance post recharge using *121*2#

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